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Hey whatsup? You can call me Zilo. As far as any of you are concerned that’s my real name. I got like four personas so heres this one. All right pretty much I am a complete metal head, comedian, and party animal. Currently working through a few relationship issues but nothing I am committed to. Pretty much single at the moment.  ‘Kay so enough about me. I am looking for work as a digital artist. I want to make websites, custom desktops, and posters. I have a good take on photoshop, flash, fireworks, correl paint and I am a fast learner. I can be contacted at


What you should know

  1. 1.Slipknot

  2. 2.Disturbed

  3. 3.Marylin Manson

  4. 4.Fallout Boy

My Latest Photos

Songs i love to draw to

  1. 5.This is the new shit

  2. 6.I don’t care

  3. 7.Fight song

  4. 8.Down with the sickness

  5. 9.Pyschosocial


All About Me